What Is A CEREC Crown And How Does It Work?

May 7, 2021

A Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) crown is one of the most popular dental restoration options today, thanks to the convenience, precision and efficiency it offers.

CEREC uses computer-aided design and manufacturing dental technology, resulting in highly durable, discreetly lifelike ceramic crowns.

With CEREC’s state-of-the-art process, it’s possible to fix damaged, discoloured and broken teeth in just one visit to the dentist.

The CEREC Procedure

  • Initial Consultation. Successful tooth restoration starts with accurate diagnostics. Your dentist will examine your tooth and discuss your dental restoration options with you.
  • Preparation. Once it is established that you are eligible for CEREC, your tooth will be cleaned and prepared for the next step.
  • Imaging. Using an intraoral digital camera, your dentist will take a digital scan of your tooth and the surrounding area.
  • 3D Modelling. A 3D model of your tooth will be created on the CEREC machine’s computer.
  • Manufacturing. The machine will create the dental crown by milling it from a ceramic block.
  • Installation. The finished ceramic crown will be fitted, polished and cemented for a perfect fit.

Why Choose CEREC?

‍Appearance, strength, ease of wear and fast procedure make CEREC crowns a great fit for busy individuals seeking a much-needed smile makeover.

Comfortable procedure
With traditional crowns, the patient needs to bite on impression material for several minutes to capture the shape of your teeth. This step often leads to numb and aching jaws, and leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. With CEREC, it takes literally just seconds to capture 3D scans of your mouth, freeing you from the mess and discomfort of traditional protocol and resulting in a remarkably more accurate model.  

One-day process
One of the most cited reasons why people choose CEREC is it’s ultra-convenient. No need for temporary prosthesis while waiting for the lab to finish the crown, since the crown will be modelled, created and fitted to you during a  visit. No follow-up appointments. No multiple dental visits. All you need is a day or two, allowing you to proceed with your daily activities without delay.

Long-lasting looks and performance
The technology of CEREC allows for the creation of crowns that are resistant to abrasion and can retain their original form for a long time. CEREC also uses a metal-free system, leading to enhanced crown aesthetics and ensuring longevity of material as well. The result: restored tooth with a natural appearance and sturdiness, and a smile that stays good-looking for the years to come.

Gentle treatment
Ceramic used in CEREC is considered bio-compatible, decreasing the risk of allergic reactions, mouth dryness and other discomforts commonly reported in metals and other conventional crown materials. Moreover, due to the precision provided by the CEREC machine’s computer-assisted design and milling, only the decayed areas of the teeth are removed, preserving healthy tooth substance.

CEREC Crowns - Important Considerations
Planning to invest in CEREC crowns? Make sure to think about the following considerations.

Is CEREC right for me?
As with most dental treatments, CEREC is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Make sure to cover all relevant factors when considering this option. An experienced, skilled dentist will take the time to make a thorough assessment of your dental health and take you through the best options that will suit your unique needs.

How much does CEREC cost?
In most cases, CEREC crowns can be a bit more expensive than traditional dental crown options. However, many patients say that CEREC comes out as the more economical option despite the higher price due to its fast, super-efficient process. The same-day procedure reduces transportation costs and other related expenses that come with multiple dental visits (which traditional crowns require). It also takes away the need to take days off from work and other productive activities. The precision CEREC offers minimises inaccuracies, errors and side effects that can incur additional costs. The cost of a CEREC crown will also depend on your clinic, dentist and insurance.

Where can I get CEREC crowns?
The success of your CEREC procedure highly depends on your choice of clinic and dental team. Mastering CEREC technology requires intensive training and practice. As such, not all dentists have the solid skills and experience to handle a CEREC crown procedure. Make sure to approach a dental practice with a solid foundation, systems and track record of delivering successful CEREC crowns to their patients.

CEREC gives you fast, almost instant answers to your damaged tooth problem. So don’t wait too long. Know if a CEREC crown is the right choice for you by talking to our friendly dental team today.